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Our industry is plagued by Urban Myths and false beliefs. The "hand me down" style of training most of us recieve prohibit us from knowing the facts. As Automotive Finance Professionals, our accurate knowledge of the rules & regulations that govern what we do can seriously get us in trouble.

This quiz is designed to create an awareness of F&I Ethics & Compliance in order to demonstrate the need for continuous, ongoing training by those of us who do the work for you. I promise, you'll be surprised at your results.

Created by: Dave Sipus of
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  1. Federal Regulation "B" is also known as?
  2. In order to legally pull a customer's credit report, you must....
  3. The Federal Regulation that regulates menu usage is...
  4. The Federal "Do Not Call" registry allows for unsolicited phone contact..
  5. The only circumstance that would require a dealer to file an IRS Form 8300 is a $10,000 cash transaction from the same customer during the same year.
  6. Who should complete the customers credit application?
  7. Magnuson-Moss provides for disclosure of...
  8. Which of the following is not a required disclosure of Federal Regulation Z?
  9. According to the Uniform Commercial Code, any warranty or guarantee made to the consumer, must be in writing to be enforcable>
  10. OFAC is....

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