How bored are you after taking this quiz?

Bored... Yeah... School... You know those things? I made a quiz about boredom before , I don't know if you liked it! Well, so DID you? I hope you'll like this more! Yeah, anyone will love this lovely and funny quiz!!

Yeah. So why don't you come take it? My friends will love it! I bet you will so come on with the thing! Get a move on! I hope you good luck on the score, and congratulations if it was good...

Created by: LaughMachine

  1. Hello! Do you know my name?
  2. Well.... My real name is Grace, what's yours?
  3. What do you like to eat? I like roasted chicken.
  4. Okay! I won't waste anymore time.
  5. Which of the following describes you best?
  6. Umm... Are you really bored, truthfully?
  7. Sorry I'm wasting your time, I hope you like this thingy dingy!
  8. Now let's start the real thing... You are at a party...
  9. There is a pool, playground, and foods there. Where do you go?
  10. You find it boring, so you go home.
  11. Okay... Do you want more of this quiz?
  12. Actually, this is the last.
  13. What will you do after this?
  14. I have more quizzes. Try them!
  15. Um... I kinda want to make another few questions, okay?

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Quiz topic: How bored am I after taking this quiz?