There Is No Point In Taking This Quiz

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Hi! Thank you for taking this quiz its really nice. I dont really know what to put here but I have to fill it in so hopefully when I'm done its done. Yay!

I never know what to put in these... Anyway, youre probably bored and thats why your taking this but after, you should find a quiz that isnt pointless. Bye!

Created by: Alexandra_18o

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  1. Hi
  2. Why are you taking this quiz?
  3. The title says there's no point
  4. Okay, so your walking down an alley and hear a noise...
  5. BTW, there's still no point in taking this quiz
  6. Sorry have to make 12 questions
  7. How well do you know ur txt abbwitions? (abbreviations)
  8. Lol that was weird
  9. Hi.
  10. Umm... I did a question twice.
  11. K well sorry to have totally and utterly wasted your time.
  12. It was supposed to end two questions ago.

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