How insecure are you?

Everyone is has been insecure at some point in their life. We've all joind in at one point, critizing ourselves because we're human. A person who is truly insecure may need help. Here is an easy way to find out if you are that person.

By taking this quiz, you are admitting that you aren't perfect. That's the first step. We've all had those guilty indulgences, where we were mean to someone or insecure about ourselves. ARE YOU STILL THAT WAY???

Created by: Carly

  1. When you look in the mirror you think...
  2. Your friend says "<insert name here>, I know you're insecure, and I want to help you." You immedatly reply...
  3. You wave off compliments because you think people are lying.
  4. True or False: You think no one could ever like you because you're too fat.
  5. True or False: You have lots and lots of friends.
  6. When people are critizing their bodies you...
  7. When you see someone you like, you...
  8. True or False: You make other people feel bad because you don't like yourself.
  9. When someone gives you advice, you burst into tears and run away.
  10. Do you think you're insecure?

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Quiz topic: How insecure am I?