Aeon of insecurity

Are you insecure about whether you are an honest or dishonest person? There are many questions dividing those two personalities but there are some in particular I'd like you to answer.

Do you have what it takes to reveal your secrets to your computer screen and yourself? Find out in this extraordinary quiz and you'll find out whether you have the balls to look yourself into the mirror.

Created by: Jon

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror and wondered why you haven't shown your true self to anyone?
  2. Do you put on a mask to hide your true identity?
  3. Have you ever had homosexual thoughts?
  4. Did you lie when you answered the previous question?
  5. Have you ever wanted to kill/hurt a person real badly?
  6. Are you insecure about your appearance to the public?
  7. Have you ever had suicidal thoughts?
  8. Did you answer with your deepest honest truth on all these 9 previous questions?
  9. Do you believe in a higher being such as god?
  10. Have you ever witnessed a crime?

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