What is Your true nature behind Your daily masks?

In a person's life, most of the time spent is with other fellow people. In front of them, it is inevitable to have wear masks and hide our true selves from them. And after a long time of wearing the mask, we soon forget our true selves.

This quiz is to help You find out about Your true self beneath the mask that You are wearing. You may think that You know who You are, but maybe, You are wrong. Who are You, truly?

Created by: Wild Wolves

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  1. When someone accidentally spilled a drink on Your clothing, what will You do?
  2. Imagine a circumstance when You are on a family outing with Your Father, Mother, Elder Sister and Younger Brother. Your parents are sitting at a side looking at Your Elder Sister drawing a canvas and Your Younger Brother flying a kite. What will You do?
  3. A colour which You like most amongst those that is listed.
  4. A type of book which You would prefer to read.
  5. An animal from those listed which You would want most as a pet.
  6. A mythical creature from those listed which You would most want to be.
  7. A special ability that You would choose given the choices listed
  8. If You awake in the hospital and a doctor told You that Your family had met with an accident and You are the sole survivor, and You do not have any relatives from both paternal and maternal side to take You in, what do You think will be Your first reaction?
  9. If You can have a choice to view a person's future, who will You choose from the list given?
  10. If You found out that You have only a month more to live, given the choices listed, what will You do?

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Quiz topic: What is my true nature behind my daily masks?