Natures Aptitude test

This will analyze your virtue of life very well. This is not a complete test, but it will do well to analyze how are you in life. Enjoy the test and be true.

This test is a good opportunity for you to know what nature are you of. This test will bring out your true nature out of you. So be at it, and it is no boring! Enjoy

Created by: Bilal
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  1. A fortune-teller says that you have a bad future ahead of you. How do you react?
  2. Do you like to be in rebellion?
  3. Do you find yourself singing or Humming?
  4. Do you often cancel plans to meet others at the last second?
  5. Do you state your opinion even when it's not what everyone else thinks?
  6. Have you ever upset a friend when you were just kidding around?
  7. Have you ever accidentally revealed a personal secret that someone shared with you?
  8. What do you think of jungle exploration?
  9. You have a project that is to be done with classmates. What part of the project will you do?
  10. Assume that there is a rumor that 2 FT lectures are cancelled? What is your Plan of Action?
  11. Bored?

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