What job will you have?

If you are looking for what job suits you best, do my quiz and find out what you were destined to be by answering questions you'll face during your childhood then fill in an aptitude test.

Could you have an awesome lifestyle, I did NOT intend any offense to anyone with these jobs and remember, if you don't think the answers through, you'll rot in hell forever

Created by: Jack Roy
  1. In the womb, how long do you stay?
  2. 1 year old, wanna try this 'walking' thingymabob
  3. 2 year old, whats your first word
  4. 3 year old, first day at school
  5. 4 year, you got a booboo! (an injury)
  6. 5 year old bully tells you to meet him
  7. 6 year old, sports day what event you in?
  8. 7 year old, the thought that santa doesn't exist grows and grows, does he
  9. 8 year old, the question crops up, what d'ya wanna be when you grow up?
  10. 9 year old, your about to enter middle school, you can choose between the good school and the school with all your friends in
  11. 10 year old, welcome to middle school
  12. 11 year old, time you start dating, whats your type
  13. 12 year old, you get pocket money and save up to buy...
  14. 13 year old, my age when i made it
  15. 14 year old, you can take a part time job, what price range you looking for
  16. 15 year old, Are you bored (I am)
  17. 16 year old, important test, question: True or False, you can only see the great wall of China from space
  18. 17 year old, worried about the job aptitude test?
  19. 18 year old, you are about to take a job aptitude test consisting of 10 questions Q.1 What word best describes you
  20. Q.2 A train is speeding towards five people tied to the track, pulling a lever attracts the lever to somewhere else, but that will run over 1 person, who gets it?
  21. Q.3 Is there a god
  22. Q.4 Do you want the best job in the world!
  23. Q.5 Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, fair or unfair
  24. Q.6 What do you think of John and Edward
  25. Q.7 Would you see that last question in an actual test
  26. Q.8 You can stop now if you want, just click 'I stopped' on the last two
  27. Q.9 Would you like to be unemployed
  28. Q.10 Click Submit to see your job

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Quiz topic: What job will I have?