Liz's high school life PART 1: A new crush

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High school can be stretch. so I made a little high school love story quiz. I was bored but I hope you like it. There's three parts (as in three quizzes) for this story.

The characters are not real, but the story will help me a lot. they are Liz Ayden Alison Mia and Mom. I totally love this story and I can't wait to make the next one.

Created by: KameronDavids

  1. Liz gets into the best high school in the state. how does she feel?
  2. During recess, she bumps into a boy named Ayden. in her mind she thinks he is...
  3. Then the most popular girl in school, Alison comes up to her and tells her to lay off her boyfriend. they start arguing. should Liz...
  4. Later, Liz finds Ayden at the parking lot. I looks he is drawing. what could he be drawing?
  5. Liz walks to the motorcycle. Ayden: That's yours. Liz: Yeah duh. I mean do I look like some nerd who lets her mom drive her around. Ayden: No. hey, we should go for a ride. I have my own motorcycle. Liz: to where. Ayden: Where? only the best beach ever, Luna beach. what you have never been to Luna beach before. Liz: No. Ayden: let's go at sunset. Liz: Um...
  6. At home. Liz can't find clothes for the date. her big sister, Mia comes inside. Mia: Oh. you like someone. Liz: how could you guess. Mia: the only time you ever mess up your closet, is when your are going on a date. Liz: fine I do, so can you help me pick out an outfit. Mia: Mmm...
  7. At the beach, Ayden and Liz are having fun, but Liz wants drama. she can
  8. (If you chose drown) Ayden runs into the water rescues Liz. They're on top of each other. Liz should...
  9. Did you like the quiz?
  10. Should I make PART 2?

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