Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 1)

You are a normal high school girl. Life is normal. You have an awesome best friend named Sammy(short for Samantha), caring parents, and a noisy high school. But all that changes once you meet four mysterious boys.....

I won't tell you their descriptions.;) They will be written in the paragraphs. I quit "The Amulet" series. Not many people seemed interested.:( So, I made a better story!!!! It is awesome! Please, please, please rate and comment!!!!! I really need COMMENTS!!!!!!

Created by: Mythologyfreak

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  1. You wake up to your stupid alarm clock. Your eyes are squeezed shut and you struggle to open them. Finally, you get up, and fling the dumb thing to the ground in exasperation. You go to the bathroom and brush and blah blah blah. What do you wear?
  2. You finish putting on your clothes. You hurry to the kitchen and gobble down your food. The bus already came and it's already starting to leave! "______-" your mom calls. You cut her off by saying, "G'bye mom!" you run after the bus, waving your arms wildly like an idiot. The bus driver finally notices you and let's you catch up. You go into the bus, panting like a dog. "Ms. _______, if you're coming late again, I'm telling your principal. Got that, Missy?" you nod to the bus driver. "Yes, Mr. Poo," you say.*me- yep, that's his name!* you walk down the aisle that's littered with garbage and plop down next to your best friend, Sammy.
  3. "Hey Sammy!" "Hey, wassup?" "The ceiling." you guys glared at each other. Then, you both started laughing. When you guys finally stop, Sammy says, "Hey, ______." "Yeah?" "There's something I really need to show you."
  4. She glanced over your shoulder to the three seater chairs across the aisle. "Them," she said. You look behind you.
  5. In the three seater beside you are the most handsomest *if that's even a word* boys you have ever seen. The one closest to the aisle has white flippy hair with a green streak in it. The one in the middle has brown flippy hair with a purple streak in it. The last one has black flippy hair with a red stricken in it. They're all wearing emo-ish clothes and make-up and piercings. They were talking quietly to each other.
  6. In the three seater behind them was a boy with blonde flippy hair and a blue streak in it. He also wore emo-ish clothes and make-up and piercings. He was sitting alone and looking sadly outside the window. *me- oh, btw, they all have golden eyes.*
  7. You decided to try introducing yourself to the dude with white and green streaked hair. You reach forward to touch his hand, and he snatched it away, faster than the blink of an eye. He glared at you. The other boys did also. You gulp nervously and caught the dude with the blonde and blue streaked hair shaking his head. You took the hint and shyed away from the boys' piercing glare. "Sammy?" you whisper. "Sammy?!" you say a little louder. "SAMMY!!!" you yell. "HUH? WHAT? Oh, you. Sorry. Listening to my iPod," she said, waving it in your face. You push it away. She obviously didn't see what happened. "Never mind," you grumbled. "Come on," she urged. "Tell me what happened!" but before you could speak....
  8. The bus stopped. You guys jump off the bus and greet the warmth of the Sun. You both skip all the way until you reach the inside of your high school.*me- don't blame me if your picture of high school is different from mine. I'm in middle school.* Sammy waves good bye and hurries off to her locker. You grin and wave back when you spot the four guys on your bus. The boys who were glaring at you were whispering, arguing with the boy who gave you the hint. The lonely boy stomped one foot and jeered something in their faces, angrily. Then, he turned to face you and jogged over to you.
  9. "Hey, what's up?" he said with full of life and energy. 'Was he sad, or was he lonely?' you think. "I-" he starts. "Yeah?" "Never mind. So what's your name? "My name's _______." "That's a beautiful name," he murmurs softly. You glance back at the other three boys. Whitie was leaning on the wall listening to his iPod but staring intently at both of you. Brownie was looking at you, amused, and shaking his head in dissapproval. Blackie tugged softly at their sleeves, still staring at you. They left.
  10. You and Blondie walk down the halls, comparing schedules. You have homeroom/1 period, 4, and 7 period together. You laugh and talk about movies and books and friends and Mr. Poo. When you finally reach your locker- oh, you realize you both have lockers right next to eachother! You both laugh at the coincidence. Suddenly, Blondie gives you a quick kiss on your cheek and rushes into homeroom. You stare after him, stunned, and walked like a robot into the classroom.
  11. Anyway, where was I? Oh, you walked into the classroom. You plopped your books on the desk beside him. You sat down. He grinned, flashing pearly, white teeth. You were about to ask him his name when the darned bell rang. The teacher strode in and immediately started talking about Shakespeare. You groaned and started taking notes in your notebook.
  12. Finally, the bell rings. You jump up and hurry to your locker to get all your stuff. You couldn't talk to Blondie because your classroom was really far away and you were afraid that you'd get late. You took all your books, slammed the door closed, rushed upstairs and entered the room, just as the bell rang. You heaved a sigh of relief. You go in and find Blackie in Sammy's desk. You frown. Sammy was nowhere to be seen! "______?" "Oh, yeah Mr. Nomarks?" *get the name? Lol!* "Sammy went home sick during first period, so I moved him up to her seat. I didn't want him to be in the back. Which is good, because you and Sammy talk too much." everyone laughs. You blush and sit in your desk. Blackie doesn't even look at you, not even a hello. He just starts jotting down math concepts in his notebook. That's when you realized Mr. Nomarks was calling you. "Earth to ______, earth to ______," he called. "Huh?" you jumped up and said, "462!" "I hope you didn't get your answer from your new classmate...." Blackie looks up at you and smirks. You blush harder and sit back down.'What a liar you are,' said a voice in your head. Your eyes widened in surprise. You looked at Blackie; he was still writing notes.'Who are you?!' you scream in your head. The voice chuckled softly.'As people say these days,' he started, 'I am your stalker.' You wanted to scream your lungs out, but you didn't. Barely. You just choked. Mr. Nomarks didn't notice. "Would you like to work with her?" Mr. Nomarks was saying. You jolted out of your daydream*me-or was it?*. You realized you were going to have partners for sharing stuff. "No," Blackie said firmly. That was the first time you heard him actually speak. "______?" "Yeah?" "Just do your homework alone. All right?" you felt hurt and unwanted as you sat by the corner. Finally, the bell rang.
  13. You go to third period. You sit in your desk, still thinking about the voice and Blackie.... 'No,' you think. 'That's impossible.' Across the room, you see Brownie staring at you with that amused expression still on his face. You ignored him and listened to the teacher talk about the Periodic Table*me-if high schoolers do that.* Finally the bell rang.
  14. You finish lunch and all your other periods. You have fun with Blondie, but you forget AGAIN to ask his name. At the end of school, you rush out to your bus and suddenly.....
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