Warriors: Omen of the Stars

This quiz was written before The Last Hope's release, therefore there is little info of Hollyleaf, who returns in The Forgotten Warrior. Enjoy my quiz!

Take the quiz and see how much you know about Omen of the Stars, the latest Warriors series written by Erin Hunter. Are you a Warrior's Expert? Do you have what it takes?

Created by: Cinder
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  1. What is happening to the lake?
  2. What cat attacks Ivypool at the Lake?
  3. Who is the third cat of the Three? [Kathleen and Lizzy- I couldn't come up with another one!]
  4. What Dark Forest cat helped Breezepelt attack Jayfeather?
  5. What cat did Dovepaw see who was sick, and died?
  6. Which StarClan cat was in Dovepaw's dream?
  7. What is the Twoleg name for the Moonpool?
  8. What was blocking the stream?
  9. Who is the first Clan cat to be killed in this book?
  10. Who did Dovepaw save from the flood?

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