Which Omen of the Stars character are you?

Oh my freakin' gosh! I just finished doing this gosh darn thing and I got to freakin' start it over because of my dumb computer. I hate computers and GoToQuiz.com

Please don't read this because I just don't want you to . I'm . Really. Annoyed. Right. Now. I. Know. Someone. Who. Sneezes. Really. Cute. That's. Right. Sneezes. CUTE!

Created by: Brian Ranger of this site
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which of the following would you rather have?
  2. Which of the following seems ideal to your personality?
  3. Do you like to fight? (Verbally and Physically)
  4. What is your favorite Clan?
  5. Who's your favorite cat of the following?
  6. Are you shy?
  7. Which of the following is your favorite TV show? (Will not affect score)
  8. Did you like this quiz?
  9. This doesn't change your result
  10. Last Question!

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Quiz topic: Which Omen of the Stars character am I?