Which Warriors Cat Are You?

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Have you ever wanted to be a Warriors cat? Feel the wind in your fur, or the fresh taste of mouse or rabbit? Or maybe help bring kits into the world??

Well, now we can find which Warriors cat YOU are! Test yourself in this amazing quiz, and find out who you'd be from a selection of cats! Are you the brave Fireheart? Or maybe the cheerful Graystripe? Heck, you could be from Riverclan!

Created by: Cindra

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  1. You find out that Shadowclan are planning an invasion, and are already half way here, but your leader is too sick to fight. What do you do?
  2. The elders are starving, and you have just caught a plump, juicy rabbit, but you are starving, too. What do you do?
  3. You are on a hunting mission. What do you catch?
  4. Two clan members are fighting and won't stop. What do you do?
  5. One of the elders die. What do say to their dead bodies?
  6. Someone accuses you of being a traitor. What do you say\do?
  7. Who would you rather as your mate?
  8. Who would you rather be?
  9. Someone has stolen a kit. Which clan do you blame, and why?
  10. You find a lone kit in your territory while out hunting. What do you do?

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