How good do you know the second warriors series?

Many people read the warriors series, but only a few are actually able to remember everything. Warrior cats live in societies with their Clan mates. A

Are YOU able to remember all the warriors history? Find out in a few minutes with this one-of-a-kind quiz by me! I love the warriors series a lot! A LOT!

Created by: Morgyn
  1. Why does Firestar get mad at Squirrelpaw?
  2. Who is Cinderpelt's apprentice?
  3. Which cats from ThunderClan come on the journey?
  4. Which cat is chosen from ShadowClan?
  5. Which cat is chosen from WindClan?
  6. Which cats are chosen from RiverClan?
  7. Who comes to tell Brambleclaw to wait for midnight?
  8. How does the water taste in Brambleclaw's second dream?
  9. Which cat has a bad temper?
  10. What is the name of the elderly loner that leads the cats out of TwoLeg place?
  11. Where must the cats go to wait for midnight?
  12. Who saves Brambleclaw?
  13. What is "midnight?"
  14. What will destroy all the Clans?
  15. What do the cats fall over?
  16. What are the names of the Tribe cats who find the Clan cats?
  17. What are the Tribe cats covered in?
  18. Who was in love with Squirrelpaw first?
  19. Who does Stormfur fall in love with?
  20. What's the name of the mountian lion?
  21. Who dies to save the Tribe?
  22. What's the first landmark the cats see?
  23. What traps Leafpaw?
  24. Which cat is killed on the Thunderpath?
  25. What's the name of the kittypet Leafpaw makes friends with?
  26. Who is taken by a monster?
  27. What is Crowpaw's warrior name?
  28. What is Squirrelpaw's warrior name?
  29. Which camp is found first?
  30. What is the water expanse?
  31. What does Leafpaw find?
  32. What's Leafpaw's medicine cat name?
  33. Who's Brambleclaw's half-brother?
  34. Who joins Mudclaw?
  35. Who kills Hawkfrost?

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Quiz topic: How good do I know the second warriors series?