Which warrior Clan do you belong in?

Which Clan do you belong in? ThunderClan, the star of most of the Warriors books? WindClan, the carefree moor-runners? RiverClan, the cats that swim and eat fish? ShadowClan, the warriors that live in the marsh/pine forest and are very sneaky? Or SkyClan, the Clan that can't help climbing trees?

Or do you not belong in a Clan at all? I'm already flattered you chose to take MY quiz, so please comment and rate! Thank you!!!!! (P.S. sorry if it isn't what you wanted...)

Created by: Elisha
  1. What is your favorite hobby?
  2. What would you rather do than this quiz?
  3. Where's your favorite place to be?
  4. How would your friends describe you?
  5. What is your opinion on badgers?
  6. How much do you rely other people? (Sorry, cats...)
  7. What about water? What do you think?
  8. Are you going to comment or rate this quiz?
  9. How'd you like this quiz?
  10. Which Hogwarts House are you in?

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Quiz topic: Which warrior Clan do I belong in?