how well do you really know the warriors series

Ever wanted to know how much you know about the warriors series bu Erin Hunter the questions aren't that hard or are they take this quize and you will for sure know how much you know about warriors

just take this quiz to find out how much you know abot warriors it just a click away so click this quiz to get started to find out how much you really know about warriors

Created by: elle
  1. Who was the first leader of Thunder clan in the books
  2. what is graypaws warriors name
  3. in which book did the cats meet midnight for the first time
  4. what is cinderpaw's warriors name
  5. what happens to cinderpelt that causes her to die
  6. what is the first book of the second series
  7. what is the first word of the second book
  8. what does fire and ice mean
  9. how does bluestar die
  10. how many lives does firestar have in sign of the moon
  11. how many kits does firestar have
  12. who is firestars deputy
  13. what is the book after sign of the moon
  14. who rights warriors
  15. In the book starlight who is oakfur's apprantice
  16. what is the last sentance of sunrise
  17. In the book Twlight what rank is tallpoppy of shadow clan

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Quiz topic: How well do I really know the warriors series