What Avatar Nation do you belong?

Avatar Fans! Ever wonder what nation you belong in? Buring Fire, Maybe Elegant Water, Maybe Rocky Earth, or Light as Feather Air? You'll never know unless you Try this quiz! Beacause...You Must KNOW!

Have YOU ever wondered what nation you belong in? Do you ever think you may be in the Flames, or in the water? Or Perhaps Rocks and Flying...? You may wonder for ever and ever but stop that wondering and try out this quiz!

Created by: Avatar Aang
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  1. Which would you have for a pet?
  2. I Went on the train with 10 Books. When I got off, I misplaced 6, When I Was walking I dropped 4, And When I returned home, I Gained 10 More books how much am I carrying?
  3. Which is your Fav Color?
  4. You see a very old lady struggling to carry some luggage, you...
  5. You got a coupon so you can bugee jump off a helicopter, When you're parents hear, they say NO. You really want to...you...
  6. Pick a word that Discribes you.
  7. !!!RP TIME!!! You see your best Friend being black mailed. You...
  8. Pick you're Fav Character.
  9. You won a million dollars by the lottery, you spend it on...
  10. Last Question, What Nation do you think you're in?

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Quiz topic: What Avatar Nation do I belong?