How much do you know a bout naruto?

You have seen hundreds of episodes of Naruto. But how much do you actually know? This quiz will put your beginner knowledge to the test. Are you an expert or not even passing the acadamy?

Do you know how much you think you know? Let this quiz decide. Are you a flunky or a genious? This quiz will test all of the basic knoledge on all that is Naruto.

Created by: cdexter

  1. Who or what is Naruto?
  2. What does Naruto have inside him?
  3. Who killed all of Sasuke's clan?
  4. How did the 4th hokage die?
  5. Who are the three sanin?
  6. What does Sasuke have?
  7. Who is Kyuubi?
  8. What order the ranks go?
  9. What did Naruto turn the giant toad into during the fight against Garaa?
  10. In the fight against Sasuke, Naruto used rasengan and Sasuke used Chidori. Where di Naruto aim?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know a bout naruto?