Naruto union rules test

Are you a part of the naruto union? then maybe youd want to try this quiz! If you get a great score, you could get emblems. If you get bad scores, you get embarrased! Come check it out and see how you score.

Go to gamespot, then search for the naruto union. To prepare yourself, i suggest that you got to the website above and study up about everything that you can on the unions history, past, present and so forth

Created by: Alphawolf
  1. Whats the 5th rule in the Naruto union?
  2. What is your leaders name?
  3. How many rank sigs did i originally make for the union? (back in 06)
  4. What was the first thing that the old Part 1 banner of the union said?
  5. Who was the previous leader of this union?
  6. How old am I? (leader)
  7. Which of these characters is featured in our current banner?
  8. What happened to the previous leader?
  9. What is the current video on the front page of the union?
  10. Who is the winner of the hurt/heal XII
  11. In the Naruto union award show 2007, who got voted as most evil villain?
  12. What was the first topic ever made in the union?
  13. What was the original name of the union?
  14. In the union, there was only one person who i kicked out of the union. what was his name?
  15. What was the first ever union main page topic i made?
  16. Back when we still had teams, which teams made it to the highest rank? (one of your officers was on this team)
  17. Which of these was the name of one of my first officers?
  18. How many emblems do i have? (leader)
  19. What is the best union ever made?

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