Who in Naruto said this?

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"Who in Naruto said this?" Let's see how many Naruto quotes you remember! I've got a couple of quotes, and you need to find out who said it!!!!!!!!!

This quiz will show you how much you know about Naruto quotes! Try to get 50% or higher! I hope you like it! Enough of my useless blabbering, just try out my quiz, and remember: have fun!

Created by: MeekFeek
  1. "Oh, no! My hand slipped!"
  2. "What the devil?"
  3. "I usually seem like a pretty lazy guy, but not today, because now I'm responsible for your lives, too."
  4. "I hate explaining the same thing twice."
  5. "First time facing a shinobi?"
  6. "Well, isn't this adorable. You kitties wanna play?"
  7. Who said "You little nimrod! I'm gonna clobber you limb to limb!" to Naruto?
  8. "YES! This is what yyyyyouth is all about!!"
  9. Who said this to Naruto? "Why are you such an idiot?"
  10. "I'm not gonna run away, and I never go back on my word! That's my nindō, my ninja way!"
  11. "Naruto..... sometimes your eyes are even better than mine."

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