The Naruto Quiz

This Naruto Quiz is eaay.For those Naruto Lovers Would get 100 I hope. I just want to test Naruto Lovers to see If they can get THE EASY TEST right for now.

These are easy this is just a test about Naruto and NARUTO SHIPPUDEN. I like naruto and NS thats why i made this Quiz.I want ppl to try this easy quiz to test there naruto brains

Created by: Yukkii

  1. Who Stabs Sakura with a sword
  2. Why did Sasuke kill Itachi
  3. Why didnt Sasuke go out with Sakura
  4. Who does Ino like
  5. Who did Naruto Fight in the chunin exams
  6. What color hair do Karin have
  7. Who has red hair in the Akasuki Clan
  8. What people have Black hair
  9. Who likes asuma
  10. Who does Sasuke LIke

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