What Naruto Clan Special Eye Do You Have

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This is the quiz to test your strength in the Naruto world.U can get the ultimate rinne-sharingan or just the one tomoe sharingan.You can get either by taking this quiz and testing your place in the Naruto world

Cool now do the quiz.This quiz tests u and ur knowledge so be prepared for whatever hits you in this quiz.Beware.many have raged over this quiz.JK.Now do the quiz

Created by: Akira
  1. What is your favorite color
  2. What clan are you in
  3. What clan do u want to be able n
  4. U been on a epic wilderness trip for 1 month.You come back and u see that Your very selfish uncle has come and practically taken over the house.What do u do?
  5. Now, let’s learn about u.how do describe yourself.
  6. How do u think others think of u?
  7. U r on a mission to save the mist village’s Kage.He is been kidnapped by the sand village jounin.U sneak and surround the village.What do u do next?
  8. Lastly,what is your goal in life and for now
  9. Just kidding,there s more.What is your favorite Naruto character.
  10. Now this time I’m not kidding.What is your favorite jutsu

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Quiz topic: What Naruto Clan Special Eye do I Have