Can you survive a Horror Movie?

Can you survive a horror movie? To answer these questions, you have to know alot. Can you get to the BONUS AWARD!? See if you can in this action packed scifi horror land!

Search for, about the death worm, and other monsters like gremlins, MutantGold Fish,zombies, and aliens! Can you survive? Lets FIND OUT! Go Go Go! What are you waiting for GO!

Created by: peedeepotpi
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  1. If a virus that turns people into zombies ts out in your city WHAT WEAPON DO U USE?
  2. Witch is the weakest monster?
  3. How do u kill a MutantGoldFish?
  4. What is the strongest monster?
  5. How do u create a DEATH POSHION
  6. Decode this- 2/5 1/6/18/1/9/4
  7. when thres somethin strange in ur neighborhood, who u gonna call?
  8. remember this, red blue green.
  9. death worms can squirt what?
  10. did u remember?

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Quiz topic: Can I survive a Horror Movie?