would you survive a horror movie quiz

Horror movies. the joy of America. Do you have what it takes to survive one? trust me, this test will either be the easiest there is, or the hardest. Intrested?

since your already reading this you should know that this test will be quite easy. sorry if you dont pass, its not you its- well okay it is you. Enjoy

Created by: wolfman1

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  1. can you run fast?
  2. do you get startled easily?
  3. have you ever seen a horror movie?
  4. you think you know who the killer is. it is:
  5. the killer has you cornrered. you:
  6. the killer has kidnapped your friends. you go save:
  7. you think the killer is dead. you
  8. after the killer is dead, what do you do?
  9. you could survive a horror movie because:
  10. do you think you could survive?

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