Will you survive a horror movie

My test about will you survive a horror movie is a fun way to have.... fun! I love to mess with people and have fun so your never bored. It is so fun.

Don't you care about the outcome becuse it dosint matter at all, just be yourself and try to last this 12 # quiz! its so great and fun, can you survive?

Created by: Amanda Marandino
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  1. What is a place you go if you wear being followed and you know it?
  2. What weapon do you carry?
  3. your baby siting and someone is in the house, do you...
  4. Your boyfriend is in the corner making out with a girl that turns out to be the bad guy, do you...
  5. your mom is on a date with the bad guy do you..
  6. you come to a dead end and the bad guy is right behind you do you..
  7. you live and you get to run but he"s following you do you ...
  8. you find out that the bad guy has a brother that is trying to get you for you puting him in jall do you...
  9. you see the brother of the bad guy and you see him pulls the gun out do you...
  10. you need a catch phrase wich woud it be

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a horror movie