Would You Survive A Horror Movie?

Lot's of Americans love going to the movies. Especially scary movies. There's nothing better than a good horror flick that makes your blood run cold, your hairs stand up on ends, chills your bones and send gooseflesh all over your skin.

But How do the characters feel? And how would you feel if you were one of them? Would you survive? And who would you be? We'd all like to think we'd be the main character who makes it out with no real injuries and lives to fight another day. But would you really? Time to find out...

Created by: Jamie

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  1. The powers gone out. Are you prepared?
  2. You hear someone creeping around in the hallway outside your door. What do you do?
  3. Someone just screamed upstairs! Quick, what do you do?
  4. You see someone in the corner crying and shaking in fear. You...
  5. You're outside and you can hear soft footfalls behind you. What do you do?
  6. The door's locked! What do you do?
  7. You've got to climb up the escape ladder, but your supplies is weighing you down. You drop the...
  8. Your friend is about to fall to their death, but if you run now you'll probably survive. Their yelling at you to "Go save yourself!" Do you?
  9. You only have a four rounds left and you see two alien face-sucker go for your friend's head,and two others attacking your lover. Who do you protect?
  10. A man says he can help you and knows a way out of the city that's safe. Do you follow him?
  11. [Personality Questions This Point On]
  12. Would you steal from a knick-knack store?
  13. Do you sometimes think you hear things you know aren't there? (Don't lie!)
  14. Have you ever really considered killing someone?
  15. Do you ever purposely hurt yourself?
  16. Have you ever purposely hurt someone else?
  17. Do you own a gun and/or know how to use one?
  18. When's your favorite time of day?
  19. What, in your eyes, is the perfect day?
  20. What's your favorite part of a horror movie?

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