Would you survive a horror movie?

Ok, so about everyone has watched a horror movie, or atleast seen a commercial for one. So, have you ever wondered if you could survive one? Take this quiz to find out.

I'm not sure what to write in this paragraph so here are some arguments as to why you should take this quiz; it's relatively short, if you get a good result you can brag to your friends, it's fun.

Created by: The otter
  1. You are in you car listening to the radio, then everything goes static. You try another station but you get the same results. After 5 more stations with the same result what is your reaction?
  2. Suddenly the radio starts playing what sounds like heavy breathing, your reaction?
  3. You are dared to spend the night in a house that everyone thinks is haunted. Saying no could seriously hurt your reputation, what do you do?
  4. So your in the house and you hear a strange noise, what do you do?(if you said you wouldn't go in please just pretend)
  5. You try to get out but the door doesn't open, and the windows won't break.
  6. Suddenly you hear someone coming down the stairs, your reaction?
  7. You chickened out and ran into another room before whatever it was reached the bottom of the stairs, what do you do now?
  8. A lot in horror movies can come down to chance and luck, let's see how lucky you are. Choose one.
  9. You and you friend went on a walk in the woods, but you got lost, what do you do?
  10. Eventually you run into an ominous cabin, what do you do?
  11. You are home alone and you hear a strange noise, what do you do?(I know, this question is always on this type of quiz)
  12. This is only important on some horror movies but I'll ask it anyways, what is you hair color?
  13. You are at a book store when you find an old, mysterious book, what do you do?

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