The Zombie Challenge

A zombie apocalypse has occured. the zombies have a strong grip on the city, many are dead I mean undead. with you at my side will we survive. Will you have any use to me.

I want to know if you will be any use to me in an actual zombie apocalypse. you decicision will determin the outcome I want to know your reaction to any siuation.

Created by: shadowandroid758

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  1. you awake to find me unloading on some Zombies on your front lawn, you
  2. I manage to get inside and say "tch zombies, I hate zombies" you say
  3. we manage to get you your my military van "I stole it" than we head to your girlfriend/boyfriend house your shocked to find him/her has ben bitten. you say
  4. We head downtown I say "I've got a military vehicle some where, we'll find suvivors and put them on board." you decide to
  5. We find a survovor along the way I decide we need him/her but get surrounded by 30 zombies, with 10 shotgun shells left you say
  6. Somehow the 3 of us escaped, out of ammo we stop at the gun shop to stalk up. at the vehicle you take witch position
  7. Spoting a colored smoke grenade, We find 7 suvivors you decide to
  8. Running low on food we decide to head to the market. zombies not too far and short on time you decide to
  9. Up ahead we spot a military convoy, they tell us about a safe house. you decide to
  10. arriving at the safe house, I say "now that we made it, what do you want to do"

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