zombie survival

In the world of the dead, if you managed to survive, what class would fit you the best? The insane warrior of the night whom walks alone? the friendly savior whom re-supplies the city or the strong and battle oriented white knight?

Are you ready to find you what you would be in a twisted world filled with undead, pain and suffering? How would you fit in and where would you belong?

Created by: Andrew

  1. You're in a deserted house. The past owners are dead somewhere, maybe undead or perhaps dead for good.
  2. One zombie that hid in the shadows jumps on you.
  3. Your backpack has little room. You need medicine, food and ammo.
  4. Finally you get out the house. A bunch of zombies spotted you. You are 5 guys, everyone is scared. It's your time to shine.
  5. You reached base. After giving the backpack with supplies, you get some free time. There is this person (opposed gender) who likes you and would like to be with you.
  6. Early in the morning you get a new mission. A zombie horde has been spotted, led by a zombie saw beast (large creature with saw-like teethes, moves very fast, very dangerous).
  7. Before you go, you need to choose your weapons. You take one of the fallowing pairs:
  8. Now you must choose an armor.
  9. You must equip a helmet now.
  10. You finally depart. You must choose the battle field. which will be?
  11. The battle is approaching it's end and it seems like the zombies are about to win. That mutant zombie is really a pain in the ass.
  12. The mutant zombie dies and the remained zombies are easy defeated. Not far you see a little store that you haven't saw before. You check your map and that store isn't on it.
  13. Everyone celebrates chief's birthday.
  14. Everyone is asleep now. You had a horrible nightmare and you seem to have insomnia. A mutanted zombie seems to have entered the city. Gladly you have your weapons near you.
  15. With a strong final blow you killed the mutated zombie. When people awaken, they saw the zombie body and you wounded. Gladly he didn't bit you so you're fine. Everyone praises you! In the end, you...
  16. The day is over and you start to enjoy life more and more in this twisted world. "There is beauty even here" you say to yourself. Now, people look up to you. For them you are a great...

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