there are a lot of zombies out there, a fair amount of survivors, but there are not too extremely many heroes out there, my challenge to you is that you be a hero and ace the test

Created by: sreyems
  1. first off, i have to know, do you have any physical disabilities?
  2. what is your skill in a zombie attack?
  3. what shape are you in?
  4. how smart are you?
  5. your friend has been bitten
  6. you run into a gun store and you can fit a new primary weapon and a secondary
  7. you meet a group of survivors, but they are scared and have already shot three of your men thinking they were zombies
  8. you are running low on supplies (food ammo, etc...)and you find a store, but you hear moaning inside
  9. you reach a city, what do you do?
  10. you have found a cure and the scientist is willing to stay with your group but you're being chased by millions of zombies with one batch of cure (note, it will turn zombies into humans and make them immune to solanum

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