Zombie Survival Quiz

In this quiz, hollywood movies, zombie stereotypes, and such will not help you here. It will even reveal a organization lost to the dusts of time in U.S. history. Do you dare embark on this long and challenging quiz?

This quiz will challenge you on your medical, mechanical, and firearms knowledge. It will also tests your common sense! This quiz is the max amount of questions allowed, 50. Only do this if your able to and have the free time!

Created by: Fatazn

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  1. If you enter into a gun store, which weapon would you take?
  2. Which provisions is the best to consume right away?
  3. What is the best place to bunker up?
  4. Do you have any fire arms?
  5. Which melee weapon would be your choice?
  6. Where is your house?
  7. What is the current status on your food storage and amount?
  8. What is the majority of your food is canned?
  9. Should you clean your gun?
  10. Should you add lubricant to your gun?
  11. Which clothing is best suited for a humid and hot location during the outbreak?
  12. Which has greater accuracy?
  13. Which is semi-automatic by default and cannot be changed?
  14. If you meet a convoy of survivors, do you join?
  15. Which choice DOES NOT get you infected?
  16. Which weapon should only be used when there is a crowd of zombies?
  17. Which mode of transportation is best suited during city travel?
  18. Do you love the Umbrella Corp?
  19. Would you use the Umbrella Corp just to advance farther in your plans?
  20. What is the percentage of cutting off the infected limb of someone who's recently bit?
  21. Which gun has the least common bullet?
  22. Which machine gun is good for holding off a wave of zombies?
  23. Which has the same ammo calibur?
  24. Which is a high matanance mode of travel?
  25. Are you tried of all these questions?
  26. Do you believe since there are so many questions, that this will be accurate?
  27. Who is the current leader of the FVZA?
  28. What does the FVZA stand for?
  29. Which sniper rifle is built for artic and near sub zero conditions?
  30. Which would you inhabit to ensure your survival?
  31. Which is not a zombie?
  32. Is it important to keep morale up?
  33. Would you employ a convoy system?
  34. Which location is near zombie less?
  35. If one of your team members are infected which would you do?
  36. Are you a Otaku?
  37. Are you a woman?
  38. Are you a Male?
  39. Why is it bad to light zombies on fire?
  40. Have you ever shot a fire arm?
  41. Do you know how to make explosives?
  42. Do you know how to make explosives?
  43. Why is it important to have BOTH Oil and Gasoline?
  44. A VP70 can have a _ round burst
  45. Why is the brain so vital to the zombie?
  46. Zombies are of non-earth origin
  47. Which is the most strongest sniper rifle?
  48. If a zombie is close to you and a M3 Super 90 and a AUG is on the ground, which do you pick up?

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