Zombie Survival Questionnaire

Modern American cinema has plenty of films about zombies. The concept of the zombie has ranged from corpses reanimated by radiation and magic, to the altering of a person's behavior by a highly-contagious virus that physiologically morphs the organism. However, this is all fictional.

But what if it wasn't? This Zombie Survival Questionnaire is written in a gonzoesque style, placing the quiz taker in the shoes of a person who has survived the fictional 'Z-Day', and is taking a survey on how they've survived thus far. Seems pretty silly, right? But if you're interested in your zombie apocalypse survivor archetype, this quiz is right for you.

Created by: Jesse
  1. What best describes your opinion regarding violence?
  2. Think back to Z-Day, back when it first happened, what was your initial reaction?
  3. Let's say you lost someone close to you on Z-Day to a zombie. After they had been bitten, what was your initial reaction.
  4. What weapons have you been using to survive with?
  5. Did you bring your own supplies with you?
  6. Did you have a plan?
  7. Have you been traveling with others?
  8. Let's say you are confronted with a group of three zombies. What's your plan of attack?
  9. Let's say you are confronted with a zombie horde. What's your plan of attack?
  10. Finally, describe your guiding philosophy in the zombie wasteland.

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