Zombie Survival

Test yourself on zombie survival! Will you be able to handle the stresses of the apocalypse? Or will you crack under the pressure? Will you lead others to survival or their death? will you use them for your own benefits or will you try to be a saint?

(Apparently i need alot of letters in here or this would be over by now so im using this long run-on sentence to fill in the (# of letters i cant mention) gap before im done filling this out and i hope you enjoy taking this quiz i put some effort in to pass the time waiting for this to happen!)

Created by: Pattoney
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. A typical zombie can be killed from?
  2. The best type of gun is -
  3. Do you have experience with any firearms?
  4. Do you have a contingency plan for when a zombie outbreak occurs?
  5. Are you physicaly fit?
  6. Have you ever seen brutal death, injury or violence?
  7. The best type of food to have with you is?
  8. The best combination of drinks from the list below?
  9. Sugary foods/drink are useful because?
  10. Your flipping through channels on your TV one day and you notice that there is a physcopath going around in your area shooting victims in the head.
  11. You are going out to look for some supplies with your survivor group this group consists of -
  12. You are fending off a group of zombies and your best friend gets bit you - (knowing the infection takes about a day to take control)

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