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  • Your Result: The Leader

    You're a strong, magnetic personality. You can do things yourself, but you would either prefer others to do them for you, or others simply DO do them for you. Truth of the matter is, you're likely the leading member of a pack in the zombie wasteland; for better or for worse, depending on how you lead. Yaay follow me if u wannna live zombie brains

  • Your Result: The Survivalist

    You're a loner, plain and simple. All of your energy and resources are carefully meted out and planned with in order to maximize your efficiency in surviving in the zombie wasteland. Your motto is "Waste not, want not"; you never carry more than you need. More likely than not, you haven't banded up with a group, or even a single person.

    E Lunatic
  • Your Result: The Survivor

    You aren't exactly special in any manner; in fact, you probably just got dang lucky. There wasn't any real thought put into your escape on Z-Day, and you likely either just spun all '7's or had some people to help you. Either way, you're probably learning and adapting to life in a zombie wasteland.

  • Your Result: The Zombie Hunter

    Someone has to do it, and, let's face it, you really like seeing those rotted heads pop. Something about hunting and killing those little z-freaks (or ragers) really gets your blood pumpin'. You might be with a group, you might not; the requisite for any coalition you join in the zombie wasteland is that you waste zombies.

  • The Survivalist,I am a loner and like to be that way. I find myself better off without anyone so I don't get slowed down or ditched on. I also find it having better odds of surviving alone. Cool quiz mate.

  • Your Result: The Zombie Hunter

    HELL YEA!!!! IM gonna shoot EVERY single one i see.

  • hay, whats up with all the zombie quizzes?


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