Zombie Survival Scenarios

See if you will survive. 10 different ending results await. Answer truthfully to see how the end will be. With 10 different results, you can take the quiz over and over. Please leave comments afterwards.

This is the most thought out zombie quiz with 10 different possible results. Maybe not the best, but the highest quality. Fun too. Some maybe funny, but overall for real fans of the zombie cult classics and remakes. Please leave comments afterwards.

Created by: 7DaysOfDeath
  1. Pick your body type.
  2. Which selections best describes your current weapon supplies?
  3. Rate your Combat experience?
  4. What is your current food supply if rationing?
  5. Would you take your neighbor in if he needed help?
  6. If you were are under attack from zombies, and another survivor distracted the mob of zombies to him, what would you do?
  7. If surronded by a large group of zombies, would you take your own life, or be turned into one?
  8. Would you cheat other people their rations to save extra for yourself?
  9. Have you ever choked on cheerio's?
  10. If surronded, how many (Romero) zombies can you kill armed with a Louisville slugger?
  11. If surronded, how many (Snyder) zombies can you kill armed with a Louisville slugger?
  12. Are you looking forward to Z-day?
  13. How do you think Z-Day will manifest?
  14. If you are with a group, and suffered a zombie bite, you would...
  15. Do you look both ways when crossing the street?
  16. What is the first thing to do once you are informed of a zombie outbreak?
  17. With what you have right now, whitch selection would you also wish to have?
  18. If you were to die in the initial outbreak, it would be from...
  19. Your in the same situation as the survivors in the remake "Dawn Of The Dead", when the suggestion to leave the mall comes up, your argument is ....
  20. The ending scenario's range from 1 being the best, to 10 being the less satisfactory, which do you think you'll get.
  21. If you have a firearm, at what point do you personally view a zombie as a potential threat?
  22. Would you sacrifice yourself for others?
  23. Which selection would be best?
  24. Which attire would be best?
  25. During an outbreak, a hospital...
  26. During an outbreak, a church...
  27. You just discovered an outbreak, with your current situation, what would you need to do first.
  28. A zombie just attacked your best friend, what would your course of actions be?
  29. Which of these historically tragic events was most likely a zombie outbreak to some degree?

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