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  • Your Result: Scenario 2

    A frightful pandemic around the world lay waste to all of civilization. First the cities lost control, quickly spreading to the nearby suburbs, and towns, with virtually no warning. The first sign of real trouble was the lack of police or medical responses. Military and militias alike rose up in a noble fight to extinguish the eruption of violence. After the first two weeks it was quiet. The Riots were suddenly eerily calm, as major streets and highways laid littered with abandoned cars and corpses. There was a great exodus from the major cities that are now barren of life. Droves of raging zombies swept the villages and small neighboring towns. Later patrolling the streets and woods of the country side for would be victims. Months became years. Weeks past since the last infected sighting. You survived to begin again. Sustaining little or no damages. Congratulations.

    E Lunatic
  • I am satisfied with my result.
    Your Result: Scenario 3

    After weeks on end your food supply runs low. You begin to take greater risks, when suddenly your luck runs out. You run into a group of zombies and nearly escape with your life. Suffering from serious injuries you limp to your hideout with a dozen zombies on your trail behind you. They know your in there now. With injuries and short supplies you wait to die. Day or two passes and you now realize your fate. Then all of a sudden you hear gunshots. A search and rescue party have been tipped off by the droves of dead outside your barricade. As the rescue team dispatch the threat, you know now you have survived, but just barely. Congratulations.

  • Scenario 1..... This is a good quiz and so is your other quiz, you should keep making them.

  • OH CRAP DON'T READ! Oh, crap, now you're doomed, unless you do the following:

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    If you do not...NOTHING IN HELL WILL HAPPEN!

  • scenario 3. sweet.

  • Awsome!


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