Can You Speak Westray?

Westray is a small island part of a string of islands off the northern coast of Scotland in the North Sea. It is a rural farming and fishing community with only about 70 residents in Pierowall Village, the main village on the island. The Westray dialect is quite unique and distinguishable from that of mainland Scotland since Westray was conquered by Vikings and thus lacks the traditional Celtic history that Scotland is known for. However, Westray has a rich and unique heritage. Orkney is renowned for its beer and distillery, fish and chips, fudge, and archaeological sites.

Do you have what it takes to survive in Westray? Could you order a drink at the pub? Purchase cookies at the shop? Work at the crab processing factory or wait tables at the local eaterie? Take this quiz to find out if you can speak like a true Orcadian or if you will be lost in the translation.

Created by: Caroline of Life in Bradford, West Yorkshire
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  1. Translate--Tourie
  2. Translate--Boxen.
  3. Translate--Whit like?
  4. Translate--On the skite.
  5. Translate--Peedie bairns.
  6. Translate--Mind on.
  7. Translate--Withershins.
  8. Translate--Pokie.
  9. Translate--Brixed.
  10. Translate--Blootered.

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