Live Love Confused

This is a story about YOU and your romance and adventure. You just transferred to a new high school and your a junior who has boys at her feet. Drama will come with twists and turns will leed to your final decision of who your love is!

Brad-Golden Blonde hair, Brown eyes, is a typical jock who plays football, soccer and baseball but mostly football and has a six pack. Matt- Light blonde hair, glasses, light blue eyes and is a nice nerd. Axel- Black hair, Green eyes, lip ring and lots of tattoos AKA the bad boy. Damoni- Shoulder length dark brown hair, Hazel eyes and is a foreign romantic

Created by: Emily!
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  1. Your standing outside of your new high school, you take a deep breath and walk in to be greeted by a lady from the office. "Hello ____, here's your class schedule and a map if you get lost. Have fun today!" Mrs.Joran says as you take your things and head to my first class. It takes you about ten min. to find it because this map is so dang confusing! You walk into class and everybody is staring at you, what do you do?
  2. You walk over to the teacher and explain why your late and of course she has to be one of those teachers that interdouce you to the class. "Class This is ______ our new student. Why dont you take a seat next to Brad over there?" You look over to see a gorgeous face smiling at you. You take your seat next to him and all you can think is...?
  3. He looks nice, you guees. The teacher starts to read us some old boring book...You cant beleive your still awake until someone taps on your shoulder. "_____ I'm Brad, Can you beleive how boring this is?" Mind reader. "No I'd rather have 100 cats with long claws all over me, and I'm allergic to cats." Brad tries not to laugh and says "I know, what makes it worth is that she's ugly too!" You...
  4. You cant help but laugh at that. As soon as you let the laugh slip your lips Mrs.Mcloghclin stops reading and sends a death glare your way. "I'm aware its your first day, but you should probably know this. No. talking. in. my. classroom." Man she's scary. Soon enough the bell rings and you and Brad leave the classroom. "Sorry about that." "It's okay it was my fault I cant hold my laughs in." "Haha. _____, you should have lunch with me and my friends. Okay? Well see you later!" Brad runs off leaving you in a crowd of people. Your thoughts are...?
  5. You look aroud for your next class until you here someone groaning. You try to follow the sound, getting louder and louder you finally see a boy hanging by his underwear. "Are you okay?" You ask as you help him down. "Yeah...I'll be fine. Thanks for helping me. I'm Matt and you are?" "I'm _____." "_____? That's a pretty name." Matt smiles at me and all you can think is...?
  6. "Thanks." Is all you can think of at the moment. "No problem, your the new student arent you?" "Yeah." "What's your next class?" "English." "Me too! We still have a little time to get there on time." Matt takes your hand and runs down the hallway and you guys get to English just as the bell rings. You doodle all through English until the bell rings then you head to Drama. Once you get there Mrs. Duwnsing gives you a acting partner. "Hello _____, My name is Domani. It's a pleasure to meet you." Domani bends down and kisses your hand. You...?
  7. You giggle and Mrs.Duwnsing lets Domani and you practice outside because he's her best student. "May i hold your hand?" Domani asks. "Sure." He takes your hand and leads you to a beautiful garden. "It's...It's beautiful Domani!" You exclaim as you take in the secenery. "Not as beautiful as your eyes." You look up to see Domani staring into your eyes. It might have been for a second or twenty min. You were lost in his Hazel eyes. You guys here the bell ring in a distance. You stand up as Domani pulls a rose out of the garden. "A rose for you, we shall meet again in the cafeteria." Domani walks off with his hair blowing in the wind and your standing there thinking?
  8. You make your way back to school and find out you have P.E, dangit. Good thing you always carry around a fake doctors note and a ace bandage! You rap your ankle and take out your doctors note and find your way to P.E. Mr.Anson (P.E teacher) he beleives it and you sit down on the bleachers and look around. You see Domani bouncing a soccer ball on his knee, Matt trying to play basket ball and failing miserbly, Brad with his shirt of passing a football with his friends and some dude with tattoos holding this kid upside down. Your focusing on...
  9. You open up your drawing pad and find a note fall out. "Hey _____, have lunch with me? Matt." Is what it said. You stuff the note in my pocket and start to draw. Half an hour goes by and then you hear Mr.Anson shout "Axel!!!! Thats enough go sit down on the bleachers!!!" A boy with many tattoos comes over and sits down next to you. "Hey sugar, whatcha drawing?" He takes the notebook from you and you fail to try to get it back. "Hmmmm, these are really good. Thats Domani with a rose in his hand leaning against Brad with his shirt off one foot on a football, Matt standing next to him reading a book Leaning against a wall with my arms crossed." A smirk appears on his face while yours is flushed. "I'm Axel and sugars real name is?" "_____." "I like sugar better but are you just not good at sports or did you just not want to play?" Axel asks "W...What?" "Your ankle, its not broken." He rolls his eyes. "How could you tell?" "I'm talented like that, I'll see you at lunch sugar." Axel walks off and your thinking?
  10. You are walking to Lunch and your thinking, I dont want to deal with all these guys at the moment im going to get my lunch and go outside. You get your Lunch unnoticed and head outside and you see and bench off in the distance so you go and sit down. You eat and draw but soon enough you hear someone calling your name. You look up to see Matt running toward you. "Thank god you saw the back of the note, I saw Domani asking you to Lunch earlier so i wrote on the back of the note to come here!" Wow. That was odd. "Of course!" "So...watcha drawing?" "Just adding some detail to a drawing i drew earlier." 'Can i see it?" "Um...sure." You pass the pad to him and he looks at it and smiles. "This looks like Domani, Brad, Axel and me." He looks at me and says "You know about us?" Us?
  11. Who you like the most so far?

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