Is it really love?

this quiz is for the ones who are a little bit confused about what's love and what isn't. you are about to find out if your relationship is a game or for real.

hey romantics! this is for you. are you looking for true love and are not sure if you've found it yet? well, take this quiz and find out. it may not be as helpful as your hopeing for though, but hey, try it.

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  1. when you look at that person from across the room at a party or something, have you ever caught them umm...gazing at you?
  2. what sounds like the way you two fight?
  3. how much do you see each other?
  4. what's kissing like????
  5. how long have you known him?
  6. Does he complement you?
  7. Butterflies? racing heart?
  8. does he put you first, and most you put him first?
  9. does he like a sports team you absolutly despise and you get along?
  10. do you have strong urges to touch or kiss him when you see him?

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