Who is my love?

Dating or not and confused? Look no further! This isn't science, but you can finally determine that nagging question from the results of this quiz. :Is this the person for me? Instead of hemming and hawing between text messages and phone calls, and maybe arguments and tears, you can finally make up your mind TODAY!

Think of 5 people you are in love with, possibly in love with, or may date or are dating. if there's not at least 5, it's OK. Not everyone is a stud/player/popular attraction... Select from the different "doors" and when you come to the end, you will find out who is your real true love and soul mate.

Created by: whumanbard
  1. Who is the cutest?
  2. Who is the sexiest?
  3. Who is the best lover?
  4. Who has the best manners? Polite, respectful, honest, etc.
  5. Who is the most financially stable?
  6. Who do your friends/family like?
  7. Who do you have most in common with?
  8. Who is the most reliable?
  9. Who is the most responsible?
  10. Who has the best sense of humor?
  11. Who is the most romantic?
  12. Who do you enjoy quiet times with?
  13. Who do you enjoy fun times with?
  14. Who listens to you the most?
  15. Who gives you the most attention?
  16. Who is easiest to open up to?
  17. Who is closest to you?
  18. Who knows you best? Good, bad, ugly, but you're OK.
  19. Who seems to accept you for who you are?
  20. Who can you trust the most?
  21. Who can you get silly with?
  22. Who does special or surprise things for you the most?
  23. Who is the most interesting?
  24. Who is most likely to give in to you for your own personal needs(massages, doctors visits, movies they don't want to see, bad days and you need a hug, hero worship)?
  25. Who's the most inspirational?
  26. Who makes you feel important and/or loved the most?
  27. Who do you want to do the most for or impress the most?
  28. Who has the best personal hygiene?
  29. Who do you argue with least?
  30. Who has the least bad habits?
  31. Who is "a good person to know"?
  32. Who do you know the most about ?
  33. Who do you know the best?
  34. Who would you give your life for, only if it came to it?
  35. Who is least annoying or irksome?
  36. Who is the most acceptable for you?
  37. Who do you think about most?
  38. Who would you definitely have children with?
  39. Who would you marry?
  40. Who do you know/think you love?

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