how much do you love yourself

There are alot of people saying they love themselves, but when things are a bit harder they lose their world!!why is that happening?Maybe they don't love themselves as much as they thought!!

Let's find out!!!Do you love yourself enough??Can you have healthy relationship with you and others? Take this quiz and then you'll know!! It might make you a better person!

Created by: rita
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  1. how often do you look at the mirror?
  2. when you see someone you like at a party what do you do?
  3. when you see someone you like at a party what do you do?
  4. when someone approachies you, you:
  5. what's your favorite colour?
  6. what do you do when your boyfriend/girlfriend compliments you?
  7. what do you do when you are about to go to a first date?
  8. you are an animal, which one?
  9. what do you do your free time the most
  10. when is the perfect time to have sex with someone?

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Quiz topic: How much do I love myself