Are you in love?

This will tell you if you really love someone in your school. Meant for teens, but I guess kids and adults could take this too, but it would be weirder.

You will REALLY know if you love the person you, well, love. But thanks to you if you take this quiz! please remember to not lie, for it's mean and you won't get a true result!

Created by: michael
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  1. Do you and your crush have something in common?
  2. Do you think about the person ALL the time?
  3. Have any one of you have been in another relationship before?
  4. Are you useing the person for any reasons other then you love the person?
  5. Do you look at the person, and when he looks, look away?
  6. On a scale of 1-5, what would you rate this person?
  7. Have you had any dreams of this person?
  8. While liking this person, do you like other people?
  9. Do you Hang out with them @ School all the time?
  10. Have you ever cheated, lied to a BEST friend/ another love?
  11. What do you rate this quiz, on 1-5? (will not effect score)

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Quiz topic: Am I in love?