How much in love are you?

Love. It's a simple word but some people don't know what it means. It means to be connected to another person deeply. Love is found often but sometimes it's lost over a few events.

Are YOU in love? Can you honestly say that you love the person you're with? Find out in this quick little quiz. In just a little bit you'll find out if you are really in love or just crushing on another person.

Created by: Anna

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  1. First off, Do you think you're in love?
  2. Would you do anything for the person you love?
  3. If you saw him/her in a restaurant with their ex even though they told you that they didn't have any more feelings for them, what would you do?
  4. Do you know everything about the person you love? (ex: their family and friends, their hobbies, their goals, etc...)
  5. What would you do if you found out that your boyfriend/girlfriend was hiding something from you? You're not sure what he's hiding but his/her best friend confirms that he has a deep dark secret.
  6. You get into a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend and they sleep out on the couch that night. In the morning when you wake up, there is a note that says they decided to stay at their best friend's house for awhile and they will call you soon. What do you do?
  7. Do you feel a deep connection with them?
  8. If there was something about your boyfriend/girlfriend you didn't like (appearance, attitude, or just a personality trait or action they do that really bugs you) would you tell them or not?
  9. You get a hold of his/her cell phone. All of a sudden, they get a text. You don't recognize the number so you get curious and open it. The text is very suspicious. You don't want to seem like a bad person for reading it. What do you do?
  10. You have a date scheduled by he/she doesn't show up. You leave mean voice mails and send angry emails asking him/her why they weren't there. You find out that they were in a terrible accident. You...
  11. Are you worried about your girlfriend/boyfriend's ex coming back into the picture?
  12. Be honest, would you ever (or think about) cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  13. Last question: Your boyfriend/girlfriend's pet died. They are very emotional because they were very attached to their pet. What will you do to make them feel better?

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Quiz topic: How much in love am I?