How Troubled Are You?

So you think you are troubled? I apologize for the inconvenience of personal mental harassment. If the voices get out of hand PHONE THE UNION. Everything will be okay, slowly read the questions and take deep breaths.

This is a test riddled with humor and love. It took some time to create adequate answers so please enjoy every question to the fullest. Read through all responses and queitly giggle to yourself, or roll on the floor laughing. Either way, enjoy. =]

Created by: Ali Shea
  1. What do the voices tell you?
  2. The microwave is beeping, you;
  3. The sliding glass door is shut. You;
  4. You believe you will die from;
  5. One of your future offspring will be named Thomas, after the tank engine.
  6. Your garage is full of;
  7. If you could have any type of dog it would be a;
  8. The colors of your bedroom walls are;
  9. You raise your hand when;
  10. Your therapist has told you that you are troubled.

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Quiz topic: How Troubled am I?