How Sadistic/mad are you???

Being sadistic is a true and rare talent. A gift! Few people are master sadists and love pain and blood. Most are just slightly sadistic or think that they are....

But thanks to this ausome quiz you can now find out if you really are true evil. Or just another guy who wants to make his mother proud.Have fun(or maybe not if your slightly "troubled") and remember to listen to the voices!

Created by: Billthevampiremonkey
  1. Are you described as being strange,distant,mad or cruel?
  2. What is your life long ambition?
  3. The best torture method...?
  4. You are a ...?
  5. Are you often depressed???
  6. Do you like Emos?
  7. Your favourite term for death?
  8. Favourite colour???
  9. Do you have a twisted mind?
  10. who do you adore...?

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Quiz topic: How Sadistic/mad am I???