Which Kuros---suji Character are You?

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Kuros---suji.. Also known as Black Butler.. Is an Anime focused around the life of a 12 year old boy who has lost his parents in a tragic fire, he makes a deal with a demon and his whole life gets turned upside down!

Kuros---suji!! One of the best animes known to man! Now take this quiz to figure out which character your most like! Are you brave and loyal like Sebastian? Or Stupid, Sadistic and Suicidal like Grell? Take this quiz to find out!!

Created by: Nikki
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  1. It's 7:00 on a Tuesday morning, the first thing you do is:
  2. You're up and wide awake, now what?
  3. Whoops! Almost forgot breakfast... What's on your plate?
  4. The one thing you can't leave the house without is:
  5. You're selling things from your house at a yard sale to get rid of clutter. A young boy wants a toy but has no money to pay for it.. whats the next best payment?
  6. Quick! Favourite colour!
  7. Quick! Pick an animal!
  8. You're at a restaurant and the waiter messes up your order, you:
  9. You're stuck on a train that has broken down. What do you do to pass the time while you wait?
  10. Your biggest fear is?
  11. The Trancys' are putting on a play! The part you would try to get is:
  12. How crappy was this quiz?
  13. Favorite character? ( Just a random question... It won't effect your score XD )

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Quiz topic: Which Kuros---suji Character am I?