Black Butler RP

Ok,This is a Black Butler RP.You might find a result of a character who loves you or likes you or hates you or just friends,You might get the answer from a character you like theres not as many listed though.

If you like Sebastian or Grell or want too be friends with them all then try this quiz out,You must be at least 14+ too older.This is a little fun quiz.

Created by: Felicia
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  1. First of all,You were welcome too stay at the Phantomhive household and you say:
  2. Once you were showed too you're room you are now in you're room what will you do?
  3. Next day,Sebastian asked you what animal you liked
  4. Next Grell came over and asked you what is you're fav color
  5. Ceil found out there was this case you might be involed in so he sent Sebastian over too get answers from you so Sebastian started seducing you so what are you going to do?
  6. It's dinner time in the Phantomhive household are you going too picky about the food they give you or not picky?
  7. You were going too leave the Phantomhive household for you're trip but do you pick someone too come with you who would it be?
  8. The next other day,You had too go back home and say you're farewe'll's
  9. When you were at home for at least long days then you found out you are becoming pregnant from Sebastian would you freak out or something?
  10. You told you're parents and they freaked out they wanted you too not have a baby so they send you away somewhere
  11. You finally came too the Phantomhive household but you catched a fever so what do you do now?
  12. They finally found you but Grell wasn't there,So you start asking Sebastian too talk too you in another room once you were in the room you said:
  13. The day came when little Sebby/Seba was born,You then were in the hospital bed and Sebastian holded you'res and his son but then Grell killed you and a Cinematic record showed of you're past and present

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