Are you truely a Black Butler Fan?

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Hi, this is a test on The Black Butler. It has great multiple choice questions. I hope you like it! This quiz will determine if you are a great fan or not.

If you get a perfect score you will be really happy and glad and proud. This test is for SEASON 1. I repeat SEASON 1. If you have been through Episode 1 through 10. You could ace this.

Created by: Katelynn
  1. Who is Sebastian?
  2. What is Funtom High Mansion?
  3. What is Grell Sutcliff?
  4. Who killed Madam Red?
  5. Is The Black Butler on Netflex?
  6. Who is Pluto?
  7. Is The Black Butler an anime show?
  8. Who is Ceil's Aunt?
  9. Was Ceil ever forced to act as a girl?
  10. What happened to Ceil's Parents?

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Quiz topic: Am I truely a Black Butler Fan?