Do you know the real Chives?

How well do you know Chives the Butler, well...not that many do now, but after this will pboly know a little more about me and my life, even guessing can give you some of the obvoius answers, cuz....i am not the brightest bulb in the candleobra* if i spelt that right.....

Do you truly know Chives, or do you just pretent to know the coolest butler ever, find out by taking this quiz. Chives is the coolest thing in the Lindblom House and he would be glad to meet you!

Created by: Chives the Butler
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is my Full Name?
  2. What is my Favorite Color?
  3. What is my Favorite song?
  4. Whats my Favorite Magazine?
  5. Who are my Best Friends?
  6. Where is my favotie place to be?
  7. What is my Favoite Website?
  8. What is my Favotie Chore to do?
  9. Where am I from?
  10. What is my Favortie room in the Lindblom's house?
  11. What is my Favorite Beverage?
  12. My favorite food is...?
  13. My Favorite Instrument is..?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the real Chives?