How bad is your christianity ?

Have you ever got out of bed and asked yourself .... what kind of christian am i ?? Heres your chance to finally find out. here are some more words so i can fill up this thing. Lemon peppers and green chives all in the garden together o lemos and pewpper and green meanys in the playtime land for ever car radio in the sink because its neat.

Do you feel that a certain brand or product that you bough doesn't live up to its promise ? Do you feel confused deciding which brand to buy? Do you feel the need for someone who could guide you, listen to your complaints, suggest you ways to deal with your day-to-day consider related problems and fight on your behalf"

Created by: Gelido
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  1. Do you dislike somebody if they arnt a christian?
  2. Do you dislike somebody if they arnt a christian?
  3. If somebody does no carry a bible with them at all times do you dislike them ?
  4. Do you attend church ?
  5. If somebody wasnt a christian would you save there life ?
  6. Would you stab someone in the heart and twist the knife if they wern't a christian.
  7. If Jesus was wanted you to suck him off would you do it ?
  8. Do you sometimes get into arguement's about religion and always think your rite because your a christian ?
  9. Is this the 11th question ?
  10. Do you enjoy scripture ?

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Quiz topic: How bad is my christianity ?